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Calendar & Communication

We wanted to share this really nice feature of the DGSA website.  You can subscribe to any team's schedule and it will automatically update when changes are made.  Instead of having to add practices, games, etc. to your online calendar, it will put any event that appears on the DGSA team schedule onto your mobile device.  You can subscribe through iCal, Google, or Outlook.

  1. Go to the Teams menu and select Multi-Schedule

  2. Select which team you want to subscribe to and click Submit

  3. In the upper right-hand corner, click Options, and then Calendar Feed and follow the steps for each service

Download the 'SportsSignUp Play' app to RSVP for events, view schedules, view the roster, post pictures, etc .  Notifications need to be on for the app if you want to be reminded of events.  To manage your reminders for texts and emails, log into your account on the website and click My Account, click on your child's name and towards the bottom you can see those settings. 

If you have multiple parents/guardians that both want to get reminders and communication, please make sure both have an account on the DGSA website. We can only shoot out information if you have registered, with your email address, cell number, and chose your cell provider.

We try to keep the calenders for each team as updated as possible along with up to date addresses to help you find the proper fields, but sometimes specific field numbers are not known when the event is created on the calendar. If you find an error, please let us know.  As we get into spring and the weather becomes an issue for outdoor events, please know that we have folks that check the fields and if a game or practice cannot happen, notifications will be sent out through the website.

Please email us if you have any questions!

The DGSA Board

by posted 08/19/2019
Top Ten Misconceptions about Dunlap Travel Softball

Top 10 Misconceptions of Dunlap Travel Softball

1. If my daughter is in travel softball, my social life is over

We are not a regional softball program; we are a community softball program that will develop player skills without requiring you to spend every weekend travelling across the country to softball games. Our teams play 8-12 doubleheaders (half of which are home games) and 4-6 weekend tournaments between the months of April and June mostly within 50 miles of Dunlap. There are plenty of worthy opponents nearby (i.e. Peoria, Limestone, Washington, Pekin, Canton, Morton, etc.) and many of these communities host tournaments. Typically, only 1-2 tournaments per season are overnight (i.e. Springfield, Wisconsin Dells, etc.) which provide an exciting opportunity for kids to stay in a hotel and swim while the parents spend time getting to know each other while sharing a few beverages.


2. My daughter cannot be involved in any other extra-curricular activities

We do not believe young athletes should focus on only one sport or activity. The evidence suggests that athletes that play multiple sports are healthier, more engaged, and become better softball players if they play multiple sports. We work hard to adjust the schedules to accommodate other recreational or travel sports when possible.

3. My daughter will burn out

Practices begin in September and run through March, however the only expectation is one Sunday afternoon practice and usually one weeknight practice for pitchers and catchers. We incorporate a lot of competitions and fun activities in the off season to guard against burnout. We want them to love the sport and stay in softball shape.

4. My daughter can be involved in multiple sports during softball season

Not really. While we fully endorse multiple sport athletes and will work with families to accommodate out of season activities, we do expect softball to be a priority April to June. Anything else would be disrespectful to the families that are committed.

5. I will not be able to plan any vacations or other activities during softball season

Each coach is responsible for planning their own season and are strongly encouraged to provide a complete schedule for the softball season (April to June) by late January to early February.

6. Travel Softball is too expensive

Compared to other activities your daughter may be involved in, the hourly cost of 3-4 dedicated volunteer coaches over 9 months is an incredible value. All equipment and uniforms are included in the annual fee and the cost of playing in tournaments is covered by corporate sponsorship with minimal fundraising. Payment plans are available for the required fees.

7. Everybody that wants to play travel softball should make a team

Our tryouts are very competitive so not everyone that attends a tryout will make a team. The number of teams at each level are determined by the quality and quantity of athletes who attend tryouts. We hope players who do not make a team continue on in recreational leagues and can attempt to make a team each year as they develop in size, skill, and strength. Fortunately, Dunlap Recreational Association is a well-run organization and an essential partner to Dunlap Travel Softball.

8. If my daughter does not start she will not get any playing time

We strongly encourage our coaches to play every player every game. Doubleheaders are a great
opportunity to bat all players and move them around to different positions. Sometimes in tournaments the coaches will elect to only bat nine players and move players around less frequently, but we would not expect any player to sit for an entire game.

9. My daughter will be a competitive pitcher if she joins a Dunlap travel team

There is not enough time during regular practices for a pitcher to fully develop to compete at this level. We will provide the fundamental instruction in practice to develop pitchers to determine if a player has an aptitude for pitching and actively coach pitchers during games, but pitchers need to spend time pitching outside of practice if they are to be competitive. Most pitchers will seek a private pitching coach at some point if they are to progress to the next level.

10. My daughter will become a Division I athlete

Probably not. Our goal is not to develop athletes that can play at the highest levels of the sport. Instead we endeavor to provide high quality instruction that will develop women of character and inspire a love for the sport that we are so passionate about.



by posted 07/04/2018
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